Introducing the Atlantis Angulated Screw Access Abutment

by Implant Specialist Alex Rugh, CDT

Hear about the exciting new Atlantis Angled Screw Access Abutment from O’Brien Implant Specialist and CDT Alex Rugh.

Eliminate angulation woes

For a number of reasons, implants cannot always be placed in a way that allows for traditional screw retained restorations to be made. The Angled Screw Channel Abutment from Atlantis solves this problem by changing how the screw is accessed.

With this abutment, the access opening is placed in a more favorable position. As you can see in the video, the actual screw channel doesn’t change; instead, the additional access channel allows the screwdriver to reach the screw, even at an angle.

This process requires a unique screw as well as a special driver. A standard driver will not work. The screw can be accessed but is not removable from the abutment once the crown has been cemented on.


Today I want to show an exciting new product from Atlantis called the angulated screw access abutment.

These abutments make it possible to fabricate screw retained restorations even when the angle of the implant normally wouldn’t allow it.

The way they work is through a special screw that is designed to be torqued at an angle. So, as you can see here, the screw channel isn’t actually being angled, they’ve just created an additional access channel for the screwdriver.

That being said, the screws for these abutments do have a unique head which requires a special driver and you won’t be able to torque them without it.

Now, if you’ve previously used one of the Atlantis bars with the angled screw channels, those utilize the same driver as these abutments so you would not need any additional tooling.

The style of the crowns that are made with these abutments are often referred to as Screwmentable, meaning that the abutment and crown are each fabricated separately but the crown is made with an access hole in it so that they can be cemented together to create a screw retained crown.

One aspect of these abutments that’s important to note is that unlike traditional abutments, the screwdriver channel is smaller than the screw head so the screw will not be able to pass through the crown once it has been cemented to the abutment.

It’s also worth pointing out that these abutments are only available in titanium and gold shaded titanium. Currently there is no word on whether zirconia will be available in the future.

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