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CEREC Implant Impressions

Implant Specialist and CDT Alex Rugh explains the process of using a CEREC® scanner for taking implant impressions.

Taking intraoral implant impressions with a CEREC® scanner is easy but requires different parts and case setup if you are sending the impression to a lab.

The CEREC® scan bodies and scan posts will only work for milling abutments with a CEREC® mill. If an abutment from another manufacturer is desired, a different scan body is required.

Scan bodies can be purchased directly from the implant manufacturer at the following links:

Intra Oral Scan Bodies

Atlantis IO Flo Scanbodies
BioHorizons Snap Scan Body
Implant Direct Scan Adapter
Nobel Biocare Elos Accurate Intra Oral Position Locator
Straumann CARES® Mono Scanbody
Zimmer Biomet Scan Cap