Digital Implant Impressions with Alternative Scanbodies

You may have already seen or used CEREC® scanbodies like this one. If you have – or are planning to –it's important to note that these tools can only be used for making a CEREC® milled custom abutment.

CEREC® scanbody
CEREC® milled custom abutment

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How to Use a CEREC Scanbody

To use a CEREC® scanbody, all you need to do is set up your order as an implant case. From there, choose the correct scanbody in the software and then move on to completing the design and milling process.

A design using a CEREC® scanbody

Using Non CEREC® Scanbodies

If you want to send your digital impression to a dental lab to create a custom abutment from another manufacturer, CEREC scan bodies will not work. The correct scan body selection is dependent on the abutment manufacturer that you want to use. For example, let's say you are working with a Straumann®
bone level RC implant and you want an original Straumann abutment to attach to it. In this situation, you would order the Straumann RC Mono scanbody to use to create the digital impression

This Straumann® implant and abutment design requires a Straumann® scanbody
Straumann® scanbody

Using a Straumann® scanbody will make it possible for Straumann to manufacture the designed abutment.

In order to use any non-CEREC® scanbody, you'll need to set up and treat each CEREC® order like a routine crown case. As in if the scanbody was a tooth prep.

At that point once the scanning is complete, you then send the file to our lab through CEREC® connect. Our lab can then design the abutment and send it to the appropriate manufacturer. This alternative process also enables our lab to print a model with an analog in place.

Need Help?

For troubleshooting or help with scanbodies, give us a call! We’re more than happy to walk you through the steps until you’re comfortable with the process.

Printed model with analog and abutment
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