Implant Specialist and CDT Alex Rugh walks you through the steps on how you can make a custom impression coping. With materials you have in the office, follow these steps to create an impression coping that mimics the emergence profile of your implant temporary.

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Today I’m going to go over the steps to make a custom impression coping. Now, before you get started, you’re going to need a few things. You’ll need:

  • A completed temporary that has the desired emergence profile
  • An impression coping, preferably open tray
  • An implant replica
  • A mixing cup or similar small vessel
  • And bite registration material such as Blu-Mousse®
  • Fast set temporary or resin material

The first thing you are going to do is attach the temporary to the analog. Next, you want to fill about 2/3 of the mixing cup with the bite reg material and also apply the material directly around the abutment/analog junction.

Now, embed the analog into the mixing cup and add additional bite registration material if necessary to ensure that the material extends up to the contact point.

Once the bite reg material has set up, mark the buccal position, unscrew the temporary crown, and remove it from the analog. At this point, you may need to trim back some of the bite reg material with a blade.

Next, take your impression coping and screw it on to the analog. Fill the space around the impression coping with resin or temporary material. Once it has cured, extend your buccal mark on to the resin and unscrew the impression coping. At this point, you can trim off any excess material, fill in any voids and polish.

You now have a customized impression coping that mimics the emergence profile of your temporary.

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