O’Brien Implant Specialist and CDT Alex Rugh discusses impression copings for Nobel Biocare implants.

Compatibility & Options

Nobel Biocare has three implant systems that are each unique from each other. The impression copings for the Branemark, Conical Connection, and Tri-Lobe implants are not cross compatible with each other.

There are several impression coping options for each system and size. Choosing the appropriate coping is dependent on the emergence profile and implant position.


Nobel Biocare currently has three implant systems or connections, and those are the Branemark system, the Nobel Conical Connection, and the Nobel Tri-Channel.

The most important thing to note is that there are no cross compatible impression parts within the Nobel Biocare ecosystem. 

What this means is that NobelReplace impression copings will not work on NobelActive or Branemark implants, Branemark impression copings won’t work on NobelReplace or NobelActive implants, and so on.

What this also means is that within each system there is no cross compatibility.  A NobelActive regular platform impression coping will not work on the narrow or wide platform implants and the same goes for Branemark and NobelReplace.

There are several options when picking an impression coping for Nobel Implants and I’m just going to use the Nobel Conical Connection RP as an example.

This connection has 6 different closed tray impression copings divided in to three emergence profiles and two heights.

When picking the impression coping you should take into consideration the emergence profile of the healing abutment that was placed so you can choose a diameter that matches.

Additionally, the 9mm short impression copings should typically only be used for molars and the 13mm copings should be used for anteriors and premolars in most situations.

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