The original Locator® from Zest Dental Solutions is a much-used brand among dental clinicians for denture attachments. Recently, Zest has introduced the Locator R-TX® featuring some newer technologies. Let’s take a brief look at the main differences between the two.

In this article, Alex introduces the Locator R-Tx® and describes the features that differentiate it from the original Locator® abutment.

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DuraTec™ Coating

The first difference is the pink color of the R-Tx versus the original gold Locator. This is due to the new DuraTec™ coating, which is made with multiple layers of titanium nitride (TiN) and titanium carbon nitride (TiCN). According to Zest, this coating has reduced surface roughness, is harder, and more wear-resistant.

Pink DuraTec coating

Original Locator Cap

Locator R-Tx

Retention Rings

The next notable difference is the overall shape of the abutment due to retention element changes. The original Locator® has an outer ring that provides one level of retention and an internal ledge that provides a second level of retention. With the R-Tx®, the internal ledge has been removed, instead adding two retention rings on the outside of the abutment. These outer rings create a taper effect to the abutment which can make it easier for the patient to line up and seat the denture.


This design change also increases the maximum divergence between implants. With the original Locator® abutment, the maximum divergence is 20 degrees when using the standard inserts and 40 degrees with the extended range inserts. With the Locator R-Tx®, the maximum divergence increases to 60 degrees. Instead of extended range inserts, the R-Tx uses one set of inserts for the full range of divergence, labeled as zero, low, medium and high retention.

Divergence up to 60°

Triangular driver for original Locator

Hex Drive Mechanism

The R-Tx® requires an .050 hex driver for seating, which replaces the triangular driver used with the original. As with the original Locator®, the recommended torque depends on the implant system, but we typically suggest 20Ncm.

.050 hex driver for Locator R-Tx

Denture Housings

The new denture housing design has deeper external grooves to resist vertical movement. Plus, the addition of flat sides helps to prevent rotational movement. Finally, the new housings are also anodized resulting in a pink color. This provides better esthetics in places where the acrylic is too thin to mask them.

Insertion and Removal Tool

The R-Tx® system also uses a completely new insertion and removal tool. The dual-sided tool has one end for snapping the inserts into the housing and another for pulling the insert out. The handle includes a slot for the easy removal of the insert from the tool.  


Unlike the original Locator®, each R-Tx® abutment is packaged with everything you will need for the case. One part number includes a housing, a block-out spacer, a processing insert, and four retention inserts. The Locator R-Tx® abutment’s new features provide doctors with a strong and simple implant connection attachment system. Whether you choose the original Locator® or Locator® R-Tx®, your patients will benefit from this innovative technology.

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