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Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures

O’Brien Dental Lab has been a leader in implant dentures for over 25 years. Our implant team has experience with all of the major implant systems, and employs the latest technology and techniques. Since implant denture cases vary in complexity, we recommend a consultation prior to beginning each case. With a clear understanding of your expectation, we can assist in treatment planning and sequencing as well as provide production estimates to help ensure a predictable and successful outcome.

Implant dentures are subjected to greater biting forces, and therefore repairs and replacement of denture teeth are to be expected. Proper maintenance is critical to the long term success of the prosthesis and the underlying implants.

Additional Resources

For technical questions, assistance in treatment planning a case, or to discuss cases requiring specific handling, please call 1.800.445.5941 and ask for Brian.

Denture tooth shade guides, acrylic shade guides, and mould charts are available upon request.