In this article, we introduce you to the completely new BLX Dental Implant System from Straumann, which features a new connection that is unique from any of their previous offerings.

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TorcFit™ Connection

The new connection of the BLX system is called TorcFit. It features a seven-degree internal cone with a star-shaped anti-rotation element. 

This star shape allows for greater torque transmission eliminating the need for a Loxim transfer mount.

Alloy Material and Implant Surface

Every implant in the BLX line is made of Straumann’s Roxolid® titanium zirconium alloy, which makes them indicated for all positions in the mouth.  They also feature the SLActive® surface, which makes them an excellent option for immediate loading.

The BLX Range of Diameters

The BLX implants are offered in a range of diameters and lengths, but the prosthetic connection is the same throughout the entire line. This consistency simplifies the prosthetic options and allows the same components to be used for all of the implants in the line.

Component Sizes

Although the standardized connection makes it possible to use just one component size, there are actually two different sizes available: Regular Base (RB) and Wide Base (WB).

  • RB Components: Will work on all of the implants in the BLX line.  This includes the healing abutments, impression copings, and all prosthetic abutments. 
  • WB Components: Will work with any of the BLX implants with a diameter of 5.0 mm or greater and can be helpful in creating a better emergence profile in large spaces. These abutments have a wider base that sits on top of the implant shoulder in addition to the internal connection.

Healing and Temporary Abutment Design

Another unique aspect to the BLX line is that the healing and temporary abutments are designed so that they don’t fully seat inside of the implant. This prevents them from cold welding to the internal cone, making them easier to remove. The final abutments seat completely into the internal cone creating a seal that prevents bacterial contamination. 

Healing and temporary abutments rest on the 0.1 mm ledge, allowing for easy removal

The final abutment fully seats into the internal cone

Abutment Options

The definitive abutment options for the BLX line are similar to their other implant systems and include:

  • CAD Titanium
  • CAD Zirconia
  • Regular and angled Variobase
  • SRA

However, UCLA abutments are not available for the BLX. Therefore, screw-retained restorations can only be made by bonding a crown to a titanium base, also known as screwmentable style.

Healing and Temporary Abutment Design

Removal Screw

Straumann also offers an abutment removal screw for the BLX line, which makes it easier, when necessary, to remove abutments from the implant.

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