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Nobel Abutment Retrieval Kit

Implant specialist Alex Rugh, CDT, introduces the Nobel Abutment Retrieval Kit and shows you how the tools can remove abutments that are stuck in the implant. If you have a broken screw, you will need to use the Nobel Abutment Screw Retrieval Kit before using one of these abutment retrieval tools.

The kit has three kinds of tools:

  1. The Abutment Release Pin works for all Nobel abutments, and it’s quick and easy to use so it’s typically going to be the best tool to start with for all abutment types.
  2. The Abutment Retrieval Instrument Titanium is specifically for NobelProcera CAD titanium abutments that have the internal screw threads.
  3. The Abutment Retrieval Instrument Zirconia can be used for full zirconia abutments, as well as the kind with the titanium base.

Each of the tools in this kit can also be purchased separately:

  1. Abutment Release Pin 3.0 pn: 37509
  2. Abutment Release Pin NP pn: 37510
  3. Abutment Release Pin RP/WP pn: 37511
  4. Abutment Retrieval Instrument Zirconia NP pn: 37512
  5. Abutment Retrieval Instrument Zirconia RP/WP pn: 37882
  6. Abutment Retrieval Tool Titanium NP pn: 36247
  7. Abutment Retrieval Tool Titanium RP/WP pn: 37881