Implant Specialist Alex Rugh, CDT, explains the NobelPearl Implant from Nobel Biocare.

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The NobelPearl™ implant is a two-piece ceramic system and it’s Nobel Biocare’s™ first metal free implant solution. And it truly is completely metal free, from the implant itself to the restorative abutment and even the impression copings and implant replicas.

The implants and abutments are both milled from HIP zirconia blanks. The healing abutments and screws are made of PEEK and the Temporary abutments are made of PMMA.

This system is particularly indicated for patients with metal allergies, but zirconia is also esthetically beneficial for patients with a thin tissue biotype. Additionally, zirconia has been shown to have a low inflammatory response 1, and a low affinity to plaque 2, 3, 4

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The NobelPearl™ implants feature a sandblasted and acid-etched surface and are indicated for both single and splinted units in all positions. The implants have been engineered to achieve primary stability, but they’re really intended for delayed loading only.

The new inter-X connection of the implant features a cross shape of four interlocks that allow for easy alignment of the prosthetic components. The surface of the platform also features a slight bevel which Nobel claims is an aid for centering of the abutments.

One thing that you’ll notice quickly about these components is the screw. It’s got a very different look and feel from a typical metal screw and it really looks like a plastic imitation screw. But in reality, these screws are made of an advanced PEEK material that’s been reinforced with continuous longitudinal carbon fibers that make them highly resistant to tensile forces.

The screws also require the new NobelPearl™ screwdriver which is very similar to a small Phillips-head screwdriver and unlike other Nobel screws, they’re only torqued to 25 Ncm.

Right now, the only definitive abutments available are the stock straight and angled abutments but custom abutments will be available soon through Nobel DTX Studio™ software.

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