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Products That Perform

At O’Brien we understand that your patients’ satisfaction and your chair time are two of the most important aspects of your practice. We strive to consistently provide our customers with exceptional esthetic, functional, and durable restorations. We thoroughly research the best techniques, manufacturing processes, materials and equipment to achieve optimal results. In addition, all your restorations are produced according to rigorous ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and DAMAS specifications.

  • Crown & Bridge


    Monolithic IPS e.max Press fabricated with TRUfit® technology. The ultimate combination of fit, beauty, and durability in your lithium disilicate restorations. [….]


    We have developed a restoration that improves the esthetics of monolithic zirconia without compromising its advantages.  We call it Micro-Layered Zirconia. [….]


    Monolithic zirconia restorations (MZR) are a metal-free, tooth-colored, alternative to full cast restorations. [….]


    Conventionally layered porcelain build-up over a high-strength ceramic coping or framework. Highly esthetic and conventionally cementable, these restorations are recommended for anterior crowns and bridges. [….]

    Porcelain Fused to Metal

    PFMs manufactured with our proprietary TRUfit system for improved fit, marginal accuracy, and optimal porcelain support. [….]

    Full Cast Gold

    Still the benchmark by which all other restorative materials are measured. Our full cast restorations also benefit from the use of our proprietary TRUfit system. [….]

  • Implants

    Implant Restorations

    Implant restorations are some of the most complex cases we work with at O’Brien, but fortunately we have the expertise, skills and knowledge to meet your implant restorative needs. [….]

  • Removable

    Complete Dentures

    A natural-looking, well-fitted, and properly functioning denture can significantly impact a patient’s life. [….]

    Removable Partial Dentures

    Quality is critical to successfully treating patients with an RPD. Quality comes down to three things: the design, the frame, and the acrylic work. [….]

    Implant Dentures

    O’Brien has been at the forefront of the implant denture field for over 25 years. Whether the cases are implant retained or supported, we have the education and experience to meet your needs. [….]


    Night guards and bite splints are indicated in a wide variety of conditions. Thermo-Splint offers ease of use and maximum comfort increasing patient compliance.


    A custom sportsguard minimizes the risk of oral trauma and provides improved comfort compared to stock appliances. Depending on the sport your patient plays, we have a sportsguard that will meet their needs. [….]