Full Cast Gold

When it comes to longevity, cast alloy restorations are unrivaled. What sets our castings apart is the exceptional fit, marginal accuracy, anatomical contours, interproximal contacts, occlusion, and polish.

At O’Brien Dental Lab we strive to control every variable that goes into our castings. First, we take extensive measures to produce accurate models from your impressions. Next, with our proprietary system, we digitize models, virtually design restorations, and mill the most accurate wax patterns possible from a solid block of wax. This eliminates the distortion from shrinkage that occurs with a conventional wax-up. An accurate wax pattern is critical to a great fitting casting.

To ensure the most accurate castings, we research, test, and evaluate all of our alloys to verify optimal handling properties. Consult our alloy sheet for details on alloy nobility, composition, and recommended uses.

After casting, our technicians meticulously finish and polish your restoration. Finally, designated quality standards personnel verify your case meets our ISO and DAMAS specifications.

Your prescription is reviewed and the fit, margins, contacts, and occlusion are inspected under magnification. Interproximal contacts are checked on solid models, and margins are verified on separate margin dies whenever multiple pours can be accomplished.

Tucker Gold

The name “Tucker Gold” is synonymous with the world’s finest gold castings. In the quest to perfect conservative, cast gold restorations, Dr. Richard V. Tucker developed his now-famous Tucker Technique back in the 1960s. The goal was to successfully apply the preparation and finishing principles of gold foil restorations to cast gold restorations. By the early 1970s, he began mentoring a study club in Washington State. Today, the number of Tucker Gold study clubs has grown to over 50 throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. At O’Brien Dental Lab, we’ve been participating in Tucker Gold study clubs for over 25 years and have six technicians who are trained in lab support for the Tucker Technique. Our membership in the Tucker Gold study clubs has allowed us to refine our techniques in high quality castings. Our photo documentation of these cases provides invaluable feedback in the quest for the best casting we can provide our customers.

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