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Given the inherent complexity of restoring implants and the variable nature of their restorative options, staying current with the latest developments in the implant industry is a challenge. Entrust your cases to a lab that:

  • Is experienced in working with all major implant systems, both current and obsolete.
  • Has attended, sponsored, and taught hundreds of hours of implant-related continuing education courses.
  • Participated in FDA 510K compliance trials for restoring implants using digital impressions.

Achieving optimal results for your patients means partnering with a dental laboratory that has a proven history and demonstrated commitment to successfully restoring implants. To ensure a successful result, O’Brien Dental Lab:

  • Provides expert treatment planning, treatment sequencing, and production estimates upon request.
  • Uses the latest technology and training available, enabling us to scan and digitally design or submit surgical guides, abutments, and substructures.
  • Is able to incorporate individual preferences with respect to margin placement, emergence profile, anatomy, and occlusion into your implant restoration.

Start to finish, implant cases require more planning and expertise compared to conventional restorative cases. At O’Brien Dental Lab, every implant case is evaluated and closely monitored by our Implant Specialist, Alex Rugh. He is the only Certified Dental Technician (CDT) in Oregon with a specialty in implants.

Additional Resources

Information is available on our porcelain and full cast alloys. Links to shade communication and shade photography.

“As the market for dental implants has grown, so have the restorative options. One of the biggest challenges facing dentists today is keeping up with the new implant systems and components while at the same time understanding how to identify and restore obsolete implants. Having overseen thousands of implant cases, I can provide you with viable options to successfully fabricate the result you want to achieve.”

Alex Rugh, CDT | Team Leader, Implants

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