Zirconia has the highest flexural strength and fracture toughness of any tooth-colored material used in dentistry. Its optical properties generally limit it to posterior restorations. However, in an effort to increase its indications, manufacturers have modified the chemical composition to increase the translucency of the material. This has reduced its physical properties. Rather than utilize these weaker versions of zirconia in the name of esthetics, we have developed a restoration that improves the esthetics of monolithic zirconia without compromising its advantages. We call it Micro-Layered Zirconia. It consists of a zirconia crown or bridge that has been designed to have a thin layer of porcelain applied to the visible, non-functional surfaces of the restoration.

Indications & Recommendations

Micro-Layered Zirconia is indicated for crowns and bridges anywhere in the mouth.


Occlusal*: In order to maintain the extremely smooth occlusal surface of polished zirconia, care must be taken when making occlusal adjustments. For minor occlusal adjustment, it is recommended to adjust the opposing tooth. If that is not possible, the Brasseler Dialite Intral Oral Adjustment and Polishing Kit provides the necessary instruments for reducing zirconia. To properly polish zirconia, the restoration must be polished with a diamond polishing paste.

Internal: For minor adjustments, it is recommended to adjust the preparation. If the internal aspect must be altered, a sharp diamond with irrigation is recommended to minimize the generation of heat.

*Failure to achieve a mechanical polish of zirconia restorations, by the lab or dentist (after adjustment), can be detrimental to opposing dentition due to the hardness and abrasiveness of unpolished zirconia.


Micro-Layered Zirconia restorations can be conventionally cemented with your crown and bridge cement of choice. Due to its crystalline structure, zirconia crowns cannot be etched and therefore cannot be adhesively bonded. For increased adhesion through chemical bonding, Multilink® Automix by Ivoclar is recommended.


All restorations are manufactured in our laboratory in Corvallis, Oregon under our ISO 9001:2015 and DAMAS Quality Management System guidelines. This ensures your patients consistently receive only the highest quality restorations.

Production time is seven working days in the laboratory.

“Combining the strength of zirconia with the esthetics of a layered restoration, MLZ is a strong and beautiful option for maxillary restorations.”

Karli Luksch, CDT | Senior Team Leader


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