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Porcelain Fused to Metal


O’Brien Dental Lab has been fabricating porcelain fused to metal restorations since 1969. However, the PFMs we currently fabricate exhibit improved fit and function as a result of our innovative manufacturing techniques and meticulous attention to detail.

The internal adaptation and marginal fit of the metal framework are critical factors in the longevity of a PFM restoration. Utilizing our proprietary TRUfit® system, we digitize models, virtually design restorations, and mill the most accurate wax patterns possible from a solid block of wax. This eliminates the distortion from shrinkage that occurs with a conventional wax-up. Accurate wax patterns are vital for a successful PFM.

Our PFM copings and frameworks are cast with a pressure-vacuum induction casting machine. The alloys we offer were extensively researched for compatibility with our dental porcelains. Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) compatibility and creation of an oxidation layer are crucial to maximizing the mechanical, chemical, and compressive bond.

Accurate firing cycles and temperatures are critical to maximizing the optical and physical properties of any porcelain. We employ the highest quality porcelain furnaces that self-regulate and calibrate in order to consistently and accurately fire our porcelain restorations. Next, our technicians refine anatomy and develop proper occlusal contacts. Stain and glaze is applied as a final step in the manufacturing process.

Finally, designated quality standards personnel verify your case meets our ISO and DAMAS specifications.

Additional Resources
Consult our porcelain alloy sheet for details on alloy nobility, composition, and recommended uses.

Our crown and bridge technical support team of Tony and Craig are available for case consultations. Call 1.800.445.5941 and ask for them, or request a call on your Rx.

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