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Removable Partial Dentures

Removable Partial Dentures

The framework is the foundation of a superior RPD. Ours are designed in accordance with proper bio-mechanic principles and cast with Wironium® for ease of adjustment and durability.

No quality RPD is complete without top notch acrylic work. It impacts not only esthetics but also the fit and occlusion, so our experienced technicians ensure teeth are set to function properly.

Additionally, we offer metal-free RPDs although we do not recommend them as a replacement for cast-metal RPDs. We find the processes of adding teeth and making repairs are not as predictable as with conventional RPDs. In our opinion, they should be viewed as long term treatment partials lasting a maximum of 2 years.

Additional Resources

For technical questions, assistance in treatment planning a case, or to discuss cases requiring specific handling, please call 1.800.445.5941 and ask for Brian.

Denture tooth shade guides, acrylic shade guides, and mould charts are available upon request.