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Anti-Snoring Device


Thermo-Splint® MPA™

People snore for a variety of reasons. Some require complex, expensive treatments for relief, others may get the help they need with this device. The objective of the Thermo-Splint MPA is to successfully reduce snoring by maintaining an open airway. It accomplishes this by controlling the position of the mandible during sleep. It is a single-unit, dual-arch device that covers the anterior teeth with an opening to allow for airflow.

Before prescribing an oral appliance to anyone with snoring related symptoms, it is advisable for the patient to be tested for sleep apnea by a sleep specialist. The MPA is contraindicated for patients with sleep apnea.

When you prescribe the MPA for your patients, please keep in mind that there are many causes of snoring. Consequently, there are many treatment options. Oral appliances are one of the most cost effective and minimally invasive of those options. However, the success rate, or degree of snoring relief, cannot be guaranteed or quantified (Our customers report approximately 90% of patients observe a reduction in snoring.).

The MPA consists of a clear acrylic exterior with an inner layer of re-moldable, thermo-sensitive material. The Thermo-Splint MPA was specifically designed to fit snugly over the anterior teeth with no small parts to break loose.

O’Brien Dental Lab is officially recognized by the FDA as a medical device manufacturer (2006 FDA 510(k) certificate on file). This guarantees that in addition to our own ISO and DAMAS standards, this device will be made in compliance with FDA medical device manufacturing guidelines.

The Thermo-Splint MPA requires a doctor’s prescription, a set of upper and lower impressions, and a bite registration in a protrusive mandibular position.

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