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The PlaySafe sportsguard is a custom fit, laminated appliance. The extended soft tissue coverage and rigid inner layer offers maximum protection against trauma caused by direct impact and involuntary inter-occlusal contact. While offering excellent protection, a PlaySafe is less obstructive to breathing and speaking, encouraging greater compliance in use than other sportsguards. It is an excellent combination of comfort and protection.

The fabrication process allows for occlusal relation to the opposing arch and therefore an opposing model should be supplied. PlaySafe is available in clear or solid-colored materials. Custom, multi-colored materials are available by special order.

Most sportsguard manufacturers recommend replacement of their appliance every season. With proper care, the PlaySafe sportsguard can offer two full seasons of active wear.

Production time for stock colored PlaySafe is 3 days in the lab.


The Pro-form sportsguard is a vacuum formed appliance specifically designed for sports where helmets with face masks are worn, and the primary function is to guard against inter-occlusal contact.

Customized guards with multiple colors, logos, or helmet straps are available upon request.

Production time for a stock colored Pro-form is 3 days in the lab.

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