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Shade Basics: Camera & Flash

All great photography, whether for the dental office, for nature walks or for weddings, starts with the right hardware. If you don’t have the proper camera, lenses and flash,...

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UCLA Abutments

Implant Specialist Alex Rugh, CDT, explains what UCLA abutments are and how they work. They can be used to make traditional screw-retained PFM or FCG crowns as well as...

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Alex Rugh, CDT talks about the new Dentu-wave system that revolutionizes the approach to quick and easy dentures.

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Straumann® PURE Ceramic Implant System

Implant Specialist Alex Rugh, CDT, introduces the two-piece Straumann® PURE ceramic implant which is the newest addition to the PURE ceramic implant line.   Transcript This implant is a new addition to...

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Impression Coping Misuse

Implant Specialist and CDT Alex Rugh talks about the difference between open- and closed-tray impressions and why you should use the correct impression coping.

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NobelPearl™ Metal-free Implant System

Alex Rugh, CDT, introduces you to the NobelPearl™, Nobel Biocare's first metal-free implant system. The implant, abutment, restorative abutment, impression coping and the implant replica are all metal free.

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