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CEREC Implant Impressions

Implant Specialist and CDT Alex Rugh explains the process of using a CEREC® scanner for taking implant impressions. Taking intraoral implant impressions with a CEREC® scanner is easy but requires...

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What is Shade?

How do you create a lifelike restoration, that flows and harmonizes with the patient’s natural dentition? Ceramist Mitch Bourgeois walks you through how to communicate the shade of a...

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Micro Layered Zirconia (MLZ)

O'Brien's Senior Team Leader and CDT, Karli Luksch, explains how micro layered zirconia (MLZ) combines the strength of zirconia and the esthetics of ceramic. Karli shows how MLZs are...

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Custom Impression Coping

Implant Specialist and CDT Alex Rugh walks you through the steps on how you can make a custom impression coping.

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Straumann Angled Solution System

Implant Specialist and CDT Alex Rugh explains the new Angled Solution System from Straumann. It's based on the popular Variobase® abutment which has been modified to allow up to...

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Polishing Zirconia Crowns

Technical advisor and CDT Tony Megale shows you how to make occlusal adjustments on a full-contoured zirconia crown. Tony takes you through the steps and tools used to achieve...

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Nobel ASC Abutments

Implant specialist and CDT Alex Rugh discusses Nobel Biocare's Angled Screw Channel abutment which makes it possible to fabricate screw-retained restorations, even when the angle of the implant normally...

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Shade Photography Introduction

Watch ceramist and CDT Mitch Bourgeois walk you through how we use digital photography to fluently communicate with doctors. It’s an indispensable way to meet the restoration needs of...

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Encode Healing Abutments

Implant specialist and CDT Alex Rugh explains how Encode healing abutments from Zimmer Biomet can be used as an impression coping or scan body. These abutments don't require removal...

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