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To send us a case, simply call us at 800.445.5941. Our friendly and experienced customer service staff will address your needs. For many customers in the Portland metro, Southwest Washington, or Willamette Valley areas, we provide daily pick-up and delivery. When you call, we will inform you of the date and approximate time your case will be picked up. The route representative servicing your office can provide the necessary information and materials for you to send your case.

For customers outside our pick-up and delivery areas, ground or USPS shipping to and from your office is included with your case. Additionally, we can make the necessary shipping arrangements and provide you with packaging materials, Rx’s, and shipping labels for safe and accurate transportation of your cases between your office and our lab. Shipping department personnel will be happy to discuss your options if you are interested in expedited shipping.

Crown and Bridge Rx

Removable Rx

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Let's Schedule a Time to Talk

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