Implant Specialist Alex Rugh, CDT, explains the new Angled Solution System from Straumann®.

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The new Angled Solutions System from Straumann® allows for up to 25 degrees of angle correction which is great for situations where screw retained restorations traditionally wouldn’t work.

The system is based on the popular Variobase® abutment which has been redesigned to allow for the angled access. Like other angled systems, this one does use a newly designed screw which is paired with a new screwdriver. You will not be able to use your standard Straumann® SCS driver for these new screws.

The notable difference compared to the original Variobase® abutment is that on the original there is a uniform wall height all around the abutment. With the new angled solutions Variobase®, one side of the abutment has been cut away which is what allows the angled access.

My favorite thing about this system is the flexibility to fabricate restorations not just with CAD, but also hand wax techniques. This is because Straumann® designed a new burn-out coping to work with the AS abutment.

The burn-out coping is actually a two-piece system which is really cool. The first piece snaps on to the Variobase® abutment and then the second piece fits on top of the first. This second piece can then be rotated to control the direction of the angle.

Once the desired angle direction has been set, the technician adds wax to the two pieces to hold them together and then completes the wax up of the crown or coping.

This gives the lab the option to make a full cast gold or PFM or to even press an e.max crown. And that’s in addition to the digital workflow that allows for zirconia restorations.

The Angled Solutions Variobase® is available for both the bone level and tissue level implants

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