Implant Specialist Alex Rugh, CDT, introduces the two-piece Straumann® PURE ceramic implant which is the newest addition to the PURE ceramic implant line.


This implant is a new addition to the PURE ceramic implant line that was first introduced in 2014. Previously the PURE line only consisted of the monotype style implants. The Pure monotype implant is a solid one-piece system that consists of both the implant body and the restorative abutment.

The new two-piece PURE implant on the other hand, has the standard characteristic of an implant body with an interface for attaching restorative components.

For the two-piece version of the PURE implant Straumann® created a new type of Variobase® abutment that by design is completely hidden beneath the crown.

This allows you to achieve a more seamless look between the interface of the implant and the crown than would be possible with a typical abutment. This is especially useful in patients with a thinner mucosal biotype. Because the metal is completely incapsulated inside the restoration, it’s also well suited for patients with metal allergies.

All of the PURE implants have what Straumann® calls the ZLA surface which has a topography of macro and micro roughness similar to the SLA surface on their titanium implants. In preclinical studies, the ZLA surface exhibited healing and osseointegration properties similar to the SLA surface and a recent clinical trial showed a 97.5% survival and success rate after three years. 1

Every single Strauamnn® PURE implant is also mechanically tested at the production site. During the testing – forces in excess of maximum jaw strength are applied to the implant and only the implants that pass are made available for sale.

The two-piece PURE is only available in a 4.1 diameter as opposed to the monotype which is available in both 3.3 and 4.1 diameters.

And finally, you may be relieved to learn that you don’t need any new restorative drivers for these as the screws do use the same SCS screwdriver.

  1. Gahlert M, et al. A prospective clinical study to evaluate the performance of zirconium dioxide dental implants in single-tooth gaps. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2015 Apr 1
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