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Craig Worden, CDT

Team Leader, Crown and Bridge

Craig joined the O’Brien team in 1995 after graduating from Oregon State University with a degree in zoology. With plans to attend dental school, Craig applied for a position with O’Brien’s model department to gain experience in the field while he applied to dental school. Early on Craig recognized a sense of fulfillment from helping coworkers and clients with his work in the lab. He also immediately identified with the O’Brien company culture that emphasizes teamwork, pride in workmanship, advancement based on merit, and continual improvement. What started as a stepping stone to one career became a lifelong journey in another. A quick learner and natural leader, Craig earned advancement through the lab from technician to manager in various departments. As production manager of the Crown and Bridge Department, he trains and mentors his technicians, conducts final quality control of cases, and provides technical support to our customers. Craig’s hands-on knowledge of the complete production process from model work through final polish make Craig an invaluable member of the O’Brien team.