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Derrick Luksch, CDT


Derrick Luksch began his career at the age of 12 working under the tutelage of his father, Karl Luksch, Master Technician and owner of Precision Dental Lab, a highly respected dental laboratory located in Sacramento, California. As his father’s apprentice, Derrick was trained in all major specialties with an emphasis in precision attachments and dental ceramics. Improving his skills and broadening his responsibilities naturally led to his advancement within the company. Promoted from technician to supervisor and later to assistant manager, in 1975 Derrick became the General Manager, finally purchasing his father’s lab in 1978. It was during this time that he was privileged to work closely with some of the leading members in the dental industry, including Dr. Peter K. Tomas, Dr. Charles Stewart, and Dr. Jack Hockel.

Throughout the next decade, Derrick started several auxiliary companies while expanding his knowledge of CAD/CAM systems, industrial machining, computer programming and software development. In 1996 Derrick sold his lab to pursue his passion for innovation and technology, hoping to devote his energies to developing and creating new systems and processes for the industry. In that same year Mike O’Brien, who had previously worked with Derrick at Precision Dental Lab, asked Derrick to join him in Oregon as co-owner and General Manager of O’Brien Dental Lab, Inc. Accepting the offer, Derrick oversaw the day-to-day operations while continuing to concentrate on the development of new technologies. In 2002, he became sole owner of O’Brien Dental Lab.

With nearly 50 years of experience behind him, today Derrick’s focus is primarily on research, innovation, and his new passion, teaching. This new passion has fueled his commitment to educational programs for dental students at Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) and the University of Washington, in addition to supporting the continuing education opportunities offered by Richard V. Tucker study clubs. As a Clinical Instructor with OHSU, Derrick shares his depth of knowledge of the industry.

Sustaining a legacy of progressive technology through research and development, Derrick is the author of four U.S. patents and one patent pending involving dentistry related technology. His research and inventions include: CAD/CAM milling techniques and processes that are part of O’Brien’s proprietary TruFit® system, and his latest invention, HydroPak® (patent pending), a revolutionary denture processing system.