“Given the range of materials we offer, there is an option for every patient.”

Brian Goff, CDT | Team Leader, Removable Department

The Thermo-Splint is made entirely from non-acrylic, thermo-sensitive material and is softer, but more resilient than the traditional, hard-acrylic splint. In its ambient state, the Thermo-Splint remains rigid. However, when held under hot water (130°) for 30 seconds, it becomes very pliable, allowing the device to glide effortlessly over the height of contour for easy seating. As it cools, the Thermo-Splint stiffens once again, engaging undercuts and offering excellent retention.

This is a great option for:

  • Protecting extensive fixed restorative work
  • Patients who are light to moderate bruxers

Your patients will love the ease and comfort of the Thermo-Splint, especially when compared to a hard-acrylic bite splint.

The Thermo-Splint Custom Fit consists of two layers.

  • The outer layer on the occlusal surface is an extremely rigid, orthodontic acrylic for greater durability.
  • The inner layer is a thermo-sensitive material allowing for easy seating and retentive fit*.

* Materials may be added or subtracted from the Custom Fit inner layer, giving you an easy-to-use tool for a variety of treatments.

Due to this unique construction, the Thermo-Splint Custom Fit can adapt again and again to incremental restorative work. It can also be a versatile tool to open or close the vertical. Additionally, because the patient bites into the splint to seat while it’s warm, it also equilibrates itself to the opposing arch. It’s like a real-time, chair-side “laboratory” procedure without sending to the lab. 

The Thermo-Splint Custom Fit offers the best characteristics of a Thermo-Splint coupled with a hard splint.

The Thermo-Splint MPA is a device that attaches firmly to both the upper and lower arch simultaneously in such a way as to maintain the mandible in a protruded position. This custom-made prescription device is a single-patient, multi-use product for use at home or in a sleep laboratory.

This traditional splint is made from methyl-methacrylate, a rigid, durable acrylic. Due to its construction, this splint works well for heavy bruxers and grinders.

Additional Resources

For technical questions or to discuss cases requiring specific handling, please call 800.445.5941 and ask for Brian Goff.

Removable and Implants

Complete Dentures

A natural-looking, well-fitted, and properly functioning denture can significantly impact a patient’s life.

Removable Partial Dentures

Quality is critical to successfully treating patients with an RPD. Quality comes down to three things: the design, the frame, and the acrylic work.

Implant Dentures

O’Brien has been at the forefront of the implant denture field for over 25 years. Whether the cases are implant retained or supported, we have the education and experience to meet your needs.


Night guards and bite splints are indicated in a wide variety of conditions. Thermo-Splint offers ease of use and maximum comfort increasing patient compliance.

Sports Mouth Guards

A custom Sports Mouth Guard minimizes the risk of oral trauma and provides improved comfort compared to stock appliances.

Implant Restorations

Implant restorations are some of the most complex cases we work with at O’Brien, but fortunately we have the expertise to meet your implant restorative needs.

Crown & Bridge

Monolithic IPS e.max Press fabricated with TRUfit® technology. The ultimate combination of fit, beauty, and durability in your lithium disilicate restorations.

We developed a restoration that improves the esthetics of monolithic zirconia without compromising its advantages. We call it Micro-Layered Zirconia.

Monolithic zirconia restorations (MZR) is a metal-free, tooth-colored, alternative to full cast restorations.


Conventionally layered porcelain build-up over a high-strength ceramic coping or framework. Highly esthetic and conventionally cementable.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

PFMs manufactured with our proprietary TRUfit system for improved fit, marginal accuracy, and optimal porcelain support.

Full Cast Gold

Still the benchmark by which all other restorative materials are measured. Our full cast restorations benefit from the use of our proprietary TRUfit® system.

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