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Thermo-Splint Classic

The Classic is made entirely of a thermo-sensitive material and is a great option for protecting extensive fixed restorative work or for patients who are light to moderate bruxers.

At room temperature, a Classic resembles a hard acrylic splint. Hold it under hot water for 30 seconds, and it becomes very pliable which allows it to seat easily.

As it cools to body temperature, the Classic stiffens, engaging undercuts and offering excellent retention. In the mouth, the Classic has a softer, more resilient feel compared to a hard acrylic splint.

Thermo-Splint Hard Face

The Hard Face has an inner layer made of the same thermo-sensitive material used in the Classic which allows for easy seating and retentive fit. It is coupled with a hard acrylic layer on the occlusal surface for greater durability. It offers the best characteristics of a Classic and a hard splint.

Hard Splint

This is the traditional splint consisting entirely of methyl-methacrylate. As our most durable splint, it is recommended for heavy bruxers.

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