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Steve Williamson, CDT

Team Leader, Technical

Steve joined O’Brien Dental Lab in 1992. Exceptional pre-employment test scores in manual dexterity, three-dimensional visualization, attention to detail, and a predilection for building things with his hands, Steve possessed the ideal profile for becoming a successful technician in our waxing department. After a period of intense training and experience, he became lead technician in the waxing department taking responsibility for the most complex, challenging cases ranging from full-mouth wax-ups to Tucker Gold Study Club cases. Always interested in improving his skills and expanding his knowledge, Steve has participated in hundreds of hours of hands-on continuing education courses. Most notably, he has completed neuromuscular course work at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, provided lab support for the Live Patient Advanced Ceramics Veneer course at Pacific Dental Institute, and achieved the designation of level 4 master technician from Orognathic Bioesthetic Institute. Steve’s innate talent and strong work ethic earned him continued advancement at O’Brien. As chief technical manager, he is responsible for maintaining the lab’s high standards for quality and consistency by coaching fellow team members on advanced technical and manufacturing techniques.